Passive safety

Passive Safety
  • Function
    Passive safety systems protect vehicle occupants and pedestrians

    In the field of passive safety Bosch puts time to the best use: With over 30 years of experience Bosch develops and manufactures advanced and reliable occupant and pedestrian protection electronics which precisely trigger passive safety systems such as airbags and seat-belt tensioners in the event of a crash or collision. We thus help vehicle manufacturers to provide better protection for both vehicle occupants and other road users.

    The central airbag control unit evaluates sensor signals to identify the force and direction of an impact and triggers the vehicle’s restraint devices for optimal occupant protection and systems for active pedestrians protection respectively.

  • Customer benefits
    • Improved safety for occupants and other road users
    • Mitigation of the severity of an accident
    • Advanced safety by means of networking existing systems and components
    • Modular safety systems
    • Synergies due to expertise in system development and networking

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