Vehicle dynamics management

Vehicle Dynamics Management
  • Function

    For vehicle dynamics management (VDM) Bosch networks the electronic stability program (ESP®) with other active vehicle dynamics systems in the fields of steering, drive train and chassis to influence the handling of a vehicle and to better support the driver, especially in critical situations. Based on this networking, Bosch realizes software functions that further increase vehicle stability and thus improve driving safety and vehicle dynamics. The fact that the functions are implemented by means of software modules enable the vehicle manufacturers to differentiate with respect to vehicle make, and also within a given vehicle model.

    The VDM software can be integrated in either the ESP® control unit or in a domain control unit. The vehicle’s sub-systems all utilize the sensor signals and the centrally calculated information on the vehicle’s driving status, e.g. on speed, sideslip angle and movement of the vehicle body. This ensures consistent system behavior and the economically efficient implementation of functions.

  • Customer benefits
    • Increased safety through networking of already existing system components
    • High stability in all driving situations
    • Better dynamic response when cornering permits sporty driving
    • Shorter braking distances for reduced risk
    • Economically efficient solutions resulting from sensor and engineering synergies
    • Brand and model specific design of driving characteristics

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