IAA 2013: Driving-safety

eCall Service – crucial in the event of an emergency

Driver assistance systems – safe, relaxed driving

Accident-Free driving

We are driven by safety.

The number-one cause of accidents is people. Some 90 percent of all traffic accidents can be traced back to human error: drivers fail to recognize hazards quickly enough, they misjudge situations, they react wrongly or too slowly. Bosch is working on a variety of automated systems to help people – and paving the way to automated driving. It is only with systems such as these that we will see a significant cut in the number of accidents – along with a reduction in the number of victims and in the amount of damage done.

Automated driving

Your car takes the wheel.

Powerful driver assistance systems are already helping drivers to reach their destination more safely and comfortably. In future, they will be able to recognize ever more complex traffic situations and to help drivers even more – or even act independently. Bosch is developing a variety of pioneering driver assistance systems, and each innovation is bringing accident-free, automated driving a step closer

Reaching this goal will change the very nature of mobility itself. There will be fewer traffic jams, lower emissions, and fewer accidents. Instead of steering the vehicle ourselves, we will be able to relax and flick through a newspaper, prepare for a meeting, or read our emails. The dream of the driverless car is soon set to become a reality – the technical basis for it is very much in place.

Predictive pedestrian protection

Predictive pedestrian protection.

Protecting those around you – even if they're not in the car.

Drivers need to constantly be on the look-out for pedestrians. If predictive pedestrian protection detects a person in the vehicle's path, or a person moving towards it in a way that is likely to present a risk, it warns the driver or automatically triggers emergency braking to prevent a collision or at least reduce its severity.

Jet Wiper

New generation of wiper arm enhances safety.

The new Jet Wiper wiper arm ushers in a new era on the windshield: nozzle elements integrated into the wiper arm spray the washer fluid directly in front of the wiper blade without impairing the driver's visibility. No matter how fast the vehicle is moving, the Jet Wiper transports precisely the right amount of fluid just where it is needed - directly ahead of the wiper blade. Cleaning this way uses up to 30 percent less washer fluid. The Jet Wiper doesn't require any costly custom wiper blades since it works perfectly with standard commercial wiper blades.


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