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Driver assistance systems – safe, relaxed driving

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Display systems

Keeping you in the picture.

Bosch develops and manufactures innovative display systems that inform and entertain drivers while reducing their workload and making driving more comfortable. The freely programmable instrument cluster presents information on a high-definition TFT display, tailoring the preparation and presentation of situation-specific content.

The combiner head-up display places information such as speed limits, navigation instructions or warnings in the driver's primary field of view – roughly 2 meters ahead of the vehicle – depending on the specific situation. A split-view display that can present different types of image content to the driver and front-seat passenger at the same time is particularly convenient.

The OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display offers a number of technical advantages: the content displayed can be varied flexibly, it takes up little room, it offers high-contrast images, and it is particularly energy efficient.

Automated parking assistant

Automatic park assist Effortless and precise parking – at the touch of a button.

The system maneuvers automatically a vehicle into the selected parking space. The driver can either remain seated behind the wheel or leave the car to start and control the maneuver in and out of the parking lot, by means of a button on the ignition key or a smartphone. The process can be interrupted and restarted at any time.

Smartphone Integration

Seamlessly connected - also in the vehicle.

This development is aimed at drivers who want to bring all their friends with them. Smartphones are playing an ever more important part in everyday communications. In order to make social networks, news services, and apps accessible in-vehicle, they need to be seamlessly integrated into the infotainment system. Bosch is developing solutions that adapt smartphone applications' control and display functions optimally to the vehicle, making them safe and easy for drivers to use – even while driving.


Keeping the vehicle under control - not just on the road.

Drivelog is the first online service portal to bring together various mobility offerings for both drivers and workshops. It makes all a car's key data available – clearly and simply. This lets drivers manage their car so they can keep an eye on costs incurred and spot any potential savings. Drivelog finds the right workshop, keeps tabs on appointments, organizes tire purchases, and generates a service book.


Turning a smartphone into an on-board computer.

With the fun2drive app on their mobile phone and an adapter for the vehicle's diagnostics interface, drivers can access all key engine and journey data in real time. These include engine temperature, torque, and output, as well as average fuel consumption or distance traveled. What's more, the app can read out stored vehicle errors (only those relevant to OBD II) and enables direct searching for the nearest Bosch Car Service garage.


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