IAA 2013: Services

Electric mobility for corporate fleets

Bosch Automotive on YouTube

Connected Service

You can go online – or you can drive online.

This Bosch system solution for the aftermarket connects vehicles with fleet managers and the drivers. The system comprises a vehicle hardware – featuring an access to vehicle status data, a 3D acceleration sensor supporting power management and providing information on vehicle dynamics, as well as a GSM module for the data transfer. A server infrastructure processes and stores the data. A web interface serves for a flexible data exchange. Drivers can also make use of additional services, including apps and portals such as DriveLog or the Bosch Car Service network.

Development services for electronic systems

Systems and functions for special vehicles.

Bosch Engineering works hand in hand with automakers right from the vehicle development phase. This results in systems and functions that are tailored exactly to the vehicle in question. Using proven large-scale series production technology saves time and money, while quality is guaranteed by the expertise of a global automotive expert.
Bosch Engineering offers all this not just for sedans and sports cars but also for trucks, SUVs, and even construction and agricultural machinery.

Maintenance and repair of spare parts

The Bosch eXchange program - kind to your wallet and to the environment.

The world's most extensive program for remanufactured vehicle parts covers some 11,000 parts from the product groups starters, alternators, gasoline injection, diesel injection, brake system, and electronic parts. In order to guarantee long-term quality, all Bosch eXchange products are manufactured and tested in line with OE guidelines. By remanufacturing used auto parts on an industrial scale, Bosch not only saves materials and energy, it also cuts pollution. Annual CO2 emissions are approx. 25,000 tons lower compared to manufacturing new parts. Customer costs are reduced by between 30 and 40 percent.


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