IAA 2013: Automotive competence from a single source

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IAA 2013: The world`s most automobile show

For nearly 125 years, Bosch has ensured the continued viability of individual mobility:
clean and economical, safe and comfortable. We are a reliable and innovative supplier and a trusted partner to the global automotive industry.


A comprehensive portfolio and extensive expertise

As one of the world's leading suppliers to the automotive industry, Bosch can deliver a broad spectrum of products and services, including components and systems for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric powertrains, systems für active and passive vehicle safety, automotive electrics and electronics, and mobile communication.

Systems competence and comprehensive know-how

Bosch knows vehicles inside and out, and how their components can interact to influence consumption, performance, and safety. For example, we network existing components to create systems that support new functions delivering real benefits to drivers.

Driving innovation and technology

Bosch is committed to maintaining high levels of investment in research and development. This results in innovations that make vehicles cleaner and safer, more economical and more comfortable.

Ensuring quality and reliability

Robert Bosch stated: "I have constantly tried to deliver only products which withstand the closest scrutiny – products which prove themselves superior in every respect." This committment to ensuring the reliability and long life of our products still has top priority for Bosch.

Global presence

Bosch Automotive Technology is represented worldwide through local facilities devoted to research and development, manufacturing, and service. Around 160,000 associates cater to customers' needs in 28 countries and on every continent.

Long-term partnerships with automakers

Bosch is a steadfast and stable partner for automakers and supports them ober the complete life of the vehicle – from joint research and development right up to vehicle servicing.


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