Direct Gasoline Injection

Direct Gasoline Injection
  • Function

    In Direct Gasoline Injection engines, the Air/Fuel mixture is formed directly in the combustion chamber. During the intake stroke, only combustion air is drawn in through the open intake valve, the fuel being injected at high pressure into the combustion chamber by special injectors. The precise metering, preparation and distribution of the intake air and the injected fuel for every combustion stroke leads to low fuel-consumption and low emission levels.


    The high-pressure circuit of the direct gasoline injection is fed by a high-pressure pump compressing the fuel to the high pressure level required in the fuel rail. The injectors attached to the fuel rail meter and atomize the fuel extremely fast and under high pressure in order to achieve the best possible mixture formation directly in the combustion chamber.

  • Customer benefits
    • Reduced fuel consumption up to 15%
    • Up to 5% higher torque
    • Spontaneous response behaviour

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