FlexFuel Port Fuel Injection

FlexFuel Port Fuel Injection
  • Function

    The Bosch systems for drive trains with FlexFuel engines can run on gasoline/ethanol mixtures with varying mixture ratios: from pure gasoline to pure ethanol.

    The Motronic engine management is based on the manifold-injection Motronic. The system comprises components which have been specifically designed in line with the particular characteristics of ethanol, and which have already been in everyday operation for years now. The engine management automatically adapts injection and ignition to the different proportions of ethanol in the gasoline. Ethanol’s high anti-knock rating (110 Octane) permits higher combustion cham-ber pressures and, as a result, higher engine outputs.

  • Customer benefits
    • Sustainable mobility with a gasoline/ethanol mixture
    • Variable fuel mixture ratios
    • Reduction of global CO2 output
    • Higher outputs thanks to ethanol’s higher octane number
    • Configuration for maximum proportion of ethanol

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