Driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles: helpers on roads, tracks and in logistics depots

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Accidents are always unnecessary and tragic but in the area of commercial vehicles, the scales of accidents are usually significantly more serious than in other areas. High time, therefore, for driving safety systems and driving aids already available and tried and tested in the area of passenger cars to be used in commercial vehicles, too. In an effort to improve safety, comfort and productivity and not least to support EU legislation on autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning (LDW) systems.

Bosch already offers a broad range of driver assistance systems for the passenger car segment and is now developing these systems for use in trucks, urban rail systems and streetcars as well as in forklifts. Assistance systems considerably reduce the risk of accidents. Truck drivers are safer on the road and enjoy convenient support on long and monotonous journeys. The collision warning system for urban rail systems and streetcars assists the driver in critical and complex situations. And forklift drivers can maneuver safely in logistics depots or warehouses thanks to camera-based assistants.

more safety

thanks to a reduced risk of accidents on roads, tracks and in confined areas

more comfort

and relief in complicated situations and on long journeys

increased productivity

as drivers can concentrate on their tasks and fewer errors arise thanks to support by assistants

Long and monotonous journeys demand the truck driver's permanent attention and concentration as they are always accompanied by a risk of exhaustion and distraction. Video-based assistance systems for heavy commercial vehicles from Bosch such as lane departure warning , road sign assist and intelligent headlight control provide relief for drivers and support safe driving.

With its multifunctional camera , Bosch has created the central technology for video-based assistance systems which is specially adapted to the requirements of heavy commercial vehicles. The camera integrates a powerful computer which processes the image signals received. Image processing means that the features of the vehicle's surroundings are perceived, classified and localized with a high degree of precision and reliability. These include objects such as pedestrians, vehicles, lane markings, light sources and road signs.

Truck assistance systems from Bosch

Lane departure warning

This system detects lane markings and compares them with the vehicle's position so as to warn the driver if the lane should be left unintentionally.

Road sign assist

Using the multifunctional camera, the system reliably perceives all of the relevant road signs and displays them as symbols in the instrument cluster.

Intelligent headlight control

The system can detect ambient brightness and other vehicles as well as estimate their distances, thereby optimally illuminating the road ahead.

All-round view in warehouses and logistics depots: assistance systems for forklifts

Forklift drivers often have restricted visibility when driving in complex and labyrinthic warehouses, with larger packages on the forks and a necessity to maneuver loads in high bays, while continuous operation and many mobile obstacles increase the risk of collisions. Various assistance systems are now available from Bosch to help forklift drivers to maintain good all-round visibility at all times. The view assist monitors the areas in front of, behind and to the sides of the forklift, providing a 360-degree surround view. By glancing at the display, the driver can see exactly how much space he has to maneuver.

The collision avoidance system detects static and dynamic objects in the driving range and limits the forklift speed if necessary or even activates automatic emergency braking in particularly close situations. Using the localization unction, forklifts can also be localized and tracked in warehouses or logistics depots, thereby further improving the precision of collision avoidance systems. The view assistant, collision avoidance system and localizer are based on the tried-and-tested multi-camera system already used in the passenger car segment to facilitate parking and maneuvering.

The collision warning system for urban rail systems and streetcars supports the driver in critical situations. Particularly in the case of complex traffic situations or poor visibility, it gives the driver early warning of obstacles on the tracks ahead.

The system comprising a multifunctional camera, a radar sensor and a control unit perceives the tracks and therefore any obstacles ahead of the vehicle in real time.

If the system detects a potential risk of collision, it issues a warning to the driver. If the driver fails to react or reacts too late, the collision warning system can trigger autonomous braking, thereby preventing accidents or significantly reducing their consequences. Fewer accidents also mean lower repair costs and greater availability of rail vehicles. The compact components of the collision warning system permit easy integration in existing rail vehicle fleets.

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