Connected Mobility

Focussed recommendations for safety, comfort and a secure driving experience.

Electronics, software content and technological innovations are continuously redefining the automotive space. New sources of data from the vehicle sensor system, provide contextual information about vehicle performance and their operating conditions. This enables a completely comfortable and secure driving experience.

With expertise in big data and analytics, combined with an extensive know-how of the automotive domain, Bosch provides end-to-end connected vehicle solutions. Scanning through relevant data streams on vehicle performance, diagnostics and driving patterns, analytical insights are offered to different stakeholders across the value chain.

Key Offerings


  • Data strategy for building connected vehicle solutions
  • Business use case strategy on connected vehicle data
  • Recommendation on technology stack for deploying solutions based on vehicle data characteristics

  • Solutions for integration with existing IT infrastructure to ensure minimum capital investment
  • Faster turn-around time on different deployment options for in-vehicle ECU, mobile apps and cloud based web-services (APIs)


  • Ready reckoner templates for analytics functions, based on connected vehicle data
  • Scalable and standardised connected vehicle solutions for real-time and batch processing

  • Web-services (APIs) for various connected vehicle functions like driver behaviour, component health index, e-crash response assist, and road profiling


Focused services for

  • Big data engineering
  • Knowledge discovery and model building
  • Visualisation for performance monitoring

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