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Intelligent transport management system (iTraMS) is an end-to-end telematics solution which provides transportation solutions to OEMs, logistics, fleet and vehicle owners. This Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) ecosystem is designed to address the challenges of modern-day transportation and management of vehicles across segments like passenger cars, construction/agriculture equipment, commercial vehicles etc. iTraMS enables customers across mobility and transportation segments to benefit from the power of connected solutions and the value of insights derived using analytics.

iTraMS boosts business by increasing fleet efficiency and productivity based on actionable insights. It empowers you to track, monitor and manage vehicles anytime, anywhere. The solution addresses various issues faced by customers including high operational costs, vehicle downtime, tracking, job scheduling, monitoring driver performance, vehicle maintenance planning, high repair costs, safety issues such as vehicle theft, breakdown and emergency services for accidents.

iTraMS has been awarded the Mahindra Supplier Excellence Award in the category of Innovation.

iTraMS offers its customers complete end-to-end solutions including an On-Board Unit (OBU) and a strong IT backbone comprising of web and mobile applications. These web and mobile applications are hosted on the enterprise cloud, providing tools and processing data using advanced analytics for necessary decision making.

It also enables customers to integrate their own micro-services along with the iTraMS platform-enabled services. The iTraMS web portal, mobile app and On-Board Unit (OBU) connect to the vehicle architecture and send back real-time alerts and reports about the vehicle health and driving behaviour.

Software Updates (Both Self and End-ECU)

Firmware-over-the-Air (FoTA) brings in value by fixing issues and deploying the same across all devices in a very short span of time, without the need for re-call.

Remote Fault/ Performance Management

iTraMS provides capabilities, to initiate diagnostic routines remotely on a device and to visualise the results for further actions.

Systematic Field Data Exploration

Systematic Field Data Exploration (SFDE ) is about use-cases where OEM/Supplier gets to understand more about the usage patterns of the vehicle and components with real-time feedback. This in turn, helps design systems better, with focus on the end-user.

Preventive Maintenance

The focus of Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS)/Preventive Diagnostics is to enable better management of vehicle and vehicle fleet health. Below are the benefits of this:

  • Improves safety through use of diagnostics and prognostics to fix faults before they become an issue
  • Improves availability through better maintenance scheduling
  • Improves reliability through a thorough understanding of the current health of the system and prognosis-based maintenance
  • Reduces total cost of maintenance through the reduction of unnecessary maintenance and avoidance of unscheduled maintenance


Evaluates emergency and automatically initiates necessary response from public-safety answering point (PSAP), providing 24x7 support.

ERP Integration

iTraMS backend can be seamlessly integrated with existing ERP systems

Driver Performance Monitoring

Driving manoeuvres, driver intent, state of the vehicle and the driver along with environmental factors, play an important role in better driving experience. This improves driver/cargo/passenger safety, reduces accident rates and lowers insurance premiums

Integration of External Sensor

iTraMS can be integrated with conventional engine system through analog sensors and digital inputs.

Trip and Order Management

iTraMS provides a platform for trip and order management with a route optimisation algorithm

We offer Automotive Grade Telematics connectivity hardware, that meets all relevant validations and is compliant with set norms. We emphasise on security with robust in-house security validation and clearance for every product.

Our expertise in Engine and Machine Management Systems add value for features like remote diagnostics, FOTA, and preventive maintenance.

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